The Truth behind Conor McGregor's Unique Career! John Kavanagh on What Went Down

Conor McGregor's incredible career explained by one of the men who knows him best! Coach John Kavanagh explains #WhatWentDown during McGregor's incredible rise to become UFC double champ, his clash with Khabib Nurmagomedov and his comeback in 2020!
Watch #UFC257: Poirier v McGregor on January 23rd, live on BT Sport Box Office ➡️

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  • Conor is definitely best fighter ever to compete in UFC. Khabib is unbeaten but Khabib never moved up in division and try to challenge himself. Plus Khabib is almost everytime struggling with weight even for that division, meaning that is actually not his natural division. Conor did go up with 155 and 170. Go back again up to 170 to rematch Diaz is definitely sign of his excellence. Khabib would never stay unbeaten if he moved up to bigger poundage.

    Ivo MarinovicIvo Marinovic13 dagar sedan
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  • Watching this in hindsight after Conor lost to Dustin is so funny 🤣

    JJJJMånad sedan
  • Connor was a fraud carried by the UFC, he was exposed so many times, lost 4 out of 6 fights inclusive of Floyd fight.

    Mondar DamanMondar DamanMånad sedan
  • Aaaaaaand he lost.

    XxkillerxX10XxkillerxX10Månad sedan
  • 41:10 ... number three on the way

    vandit vermavandit vermaMånad sedan
  • Love it 🔥

    Rick WRick WMånad sedan
  • i like it...part 3 at 155 lbs...Conor destroys him at 155

    Quebec SucksQuebec SucksMånad sedan
  • Where is Lord Artem?

    Arthur CollinsArthur CollinsMånad sedan
  • Can somebody tell me the name of the documentry about MayMac fight in which boxing journalists, Dana and other UFC people are talking about Conor's journey up to the Boxing Ring🙏🙏

    Deepak TuduDeepak TuduMånad sedan
  • I wasnt even born in 1994, how does catterall look younger than me?????

    hambob squarepantshambob squarepantsMånad sedan

    D LegionnaireD LegionnaireMånad sedan
  • I'd love to spend time with John kavanaugh and learn. But they all came to my job in venice beach california and Gunner Nelson was very rude and made fun of my American accent and made fun of the homeless people on the beach. Conor mcgregor was super nice and gave us all autographs and even told Gunner to stop with all that.

    XXamerican Nightmare_soldierXXamerican Nightmare_soldierMånad sedan
  • Dustin has improved but that rematch with nate shows much more than a mere improvement can handle

    nerner nenernernerner nenernerMånad sedan
  • This was awesome

    thebingthingthebingthingMånad sedan
  • Always the best interviews with this guy

    Casey CaseyCasey CaseyMånad sedan
  • UFC need to sign Adam. Class act. Such a natural

    Christine AllenChristine AllenMånad sedan
  • Awesome interview

    Renier HaasbroekRenier HaasbroekMånad sedan
  • Is that vein in John's forehead a medical concern?

    MonkeybongoesMonkeybongoesMånad sedan
  • I really like this man, he's very analytical and doesn't get carried away one way or the other. I can really relate to that mindset/personality trait.

    KingDoms Kingdom1985KingDoms Kingdom1985Månad sedan
  • has to be 155 with diaz,, thats a killer cut for him

    Jamie CooganJamie CooganMånad sedan
  • 6:01 Khabib

    Rittwik MaguireRittwik MaguireMånad sedan
  • Look how intently Kavanagh watches the replays. He legit stops listening to the interviewer.haha

    This LyfeThis LyfeMånad sedan
  • that story about plunging the toilet at his gym after the aldo fight in Vegas is the most Irish story ever

    David McCreaDavid McCreaMånad sedan
  • He tried doing the heart breaker against Diaz and got tapped out John kavanagh

    boxing4 lifeboxing4 lifeMånad sedan
  • Conor can make heroes look like lost boys in the octagon. I feel for the guys on the other side of the highlight reel. It is nice to see Conor maturing because he is such a funny guy and very much pretty GOAT in many ways

    Theo HuioiesinTheo HuioiesinMånad sedan
  • Wait for all the khabib fan boys to comment then we can have some fun

    Ill B BACKIll B BACKMånad sedan
    • let's have some fun then! "chicken jaw rat" HAHAHHAAHAHA

      SharpXIISharpXIIMånad sedan
  • Love how intently John watches at 36:00 - still learning, still studying that loss

    forderforderMånad sedan
  • Always liked conors bow to dustin after the fight, he comes back down and shows self awareness after most fights the khabib one being the exception.

    Kaelin BooneKaelin BooneMånad sedan
  • I think Diaz 2 was the biggest fight of Conor's career. Even if he lost he would still be the 145 champ, but that was a make or break fight. He's either as good as he said he was, or he wasn't. It was well hell of a fight. It's crazy to me to think that fight was 4 years ago.

    George PhillipsGeorge PhillipsMånad sedan
  • 7:37 herb is very slow, we need sprinting referee's.

    jameswunjameswunMånad sedan
  • 6:52 a very smart move by poirier to avoid connor's powerful kicks.

    jameswunjameswunMånad sedan
  • The heart breaker 🇮🇪💌💯👌

    Philip McPhilip McMånad sedan
  • Is he still coach to Coner??

    L DL DMånad sedan
  • Adams face is in the uncanny valley.

    T.C.J BT.C.J BMånad sedan
  • khabib vs conor! 5 rounds with out referee .. let’s see who’s agreed?

    Shifazul haqueShifazul haqueMånad sedan
  • Khabib made Conor McTapout quit like a chicken and apologise like a coward “Don’t hurt me please, it’s only business”

    Arsenal KArsenal KMånad sedan
    • Well....Conor McTapout just got knocked out cold 🥶 So that BS lame excuse of not training can be thrown out the window. He’s simply a hypejob

      Arsenal KArsenal KMånad sedan
    • @Abdirahman Idris how was it not a prime khabib?

      MartyMcGMartyMcGMånad sedan
    • @MartyMcG wasn't a prime khabib in there. Prime khabib was against gaethje. Khabib easily smokes conor in 2 rounds in a rematch

      Abdirahman IdrisAbdirahman IdrisMånad sedan
    • After he had been drinking and not training properly throughout the whole lead up to the fight and still won round 3, prime Conor beats khabib.

      MartyMcGMartyMcGMånad sedan
  • The English guy saying MAN all the time is so cringe

    Barney BromleyBarney BromleyMånad sedan
  • BT Sport, man.

    tobalsomotobalsomoMånad sedan
  • Aldo vs mendes: war Porier vs alvarez: war Conor vs aldo: 13 sec Conor vs mendes: 2nd round ko Conor vs porier: 1:45 min Conor vs alvarez: 2nd round ko Conor is on another level

    Adam zoabiAdam zoabiMånad sedan
  • I love Conor.. but I get the same feeling from his coach as everyone else does.. he wants everyone to think of him as this Bruce lee type guy who is an expert in everything to do in combat sports. Shut up Jon

    Jordan LairdJordan LairdMånad sedan
  • Hey should ask John what does it feel like to know he will never be the best unless he beats Khabib... TWICE? And Im a huuuge fan of Conor but thats gotta eat away at him.

    Tyler HussinTyler HussinMånad sedan
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  • this was fantastic

    Chris TrengroveChris TrengroveMånad sedan
  • What a great interview. Great job!

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  • He should enter saturday to this: "A Conor McGregor Saga by AlienInside" (watch?v=x5VLTK05BZo)

    Alien InsideAlien InsideMånad sedan
  • Adam made me feel like I was part of this conversation. Notice how I didnt say "interview"

    AyusheyAyusheyMånad sedan
  • Kavanagh is a yea man

    StonedStonedMånad sedan
  • World class interview here! Watched the whole thing through and thought only 10 min passed, 51 min!

    Jonathan PatrickJonathan PatrickMånad sedan
  • Adam DM me your skin care rountine brah!

    Tadhg MeagherTadhg MeagherMånad sedan
  • The after fight interview of the Eddie alvarez fight will be conors most iconic moment

    DanDanMånad sedan
  • Top interview between 2 top men

    Joey RigbyJoey RigbyMånad sedan
  • always nice to hear from john. somehow hearing him talk really humanizes conor. brilliant interview

    yep yepyep yepMånad sedan

    thoms jordanthoms jordanMånad sedan

    thoms jordanthoms jordanMånad sedan
  • What happened is he foooooook**ng got mawled by khabib

    Ali KhanAli KhanMånad sedan
  • No wonder Dana stepped up the contender series i bet he saw all the rejections they gave to McGregorl and thought imagine if we never signed Conor McGregor

    Over Heated EsKim0Over Heated EsKim0Månad sedan
  • Absolutely brilliant interview.

    Nicola KellyNicola KellyMånad sedan
  • Champ Champ? More like Half Champ. Defend a belt. McGregor has a long way to go to redeem himself.

    frankymacffrankymacfMånad sedan
    • especially getting ko'd by someone who wasnt even a challenge for khabib

      SharpXIISharpXIIMånad sedan
  • Connor v Nate 3 has to happen I feel connor this time would finish Nate inside 3 rounds

    Neil BuckardNeil BuckardMånad sedan
  • Conor and John Drake and 40

    Thapelo MphahleleThapelo MphahleleMånad sedan
  • We know how great Conor is, so how phenomenal does that make John. UFC 257 McGregor by KO in 35 seconds.

    IRISHPRIDE 211IRISHPRIDE 211Månad sedan
  • Conor Vs Nate for the belt ? LOL , they both have 1 win in 5 years .

    Hamza ElidrissiHamza ElidrissiMånad sedan
    • @Commando Master hes not the goat. He is p4p#1 which is different from the goat

      Abdirahman IdrisAbdirahman IdrisMånad sedan
    • Khabib is the G0AT with 3 title defences!

      Commando MasterCommando MasterMånad sedan
  • Great interview. Fun conversation to be had, about Conor. Love John K. Very professional. An expert in fighting. Very nice and humble person as well which is everything.

    erika reyeserika reyesMånad sedan
  • 6:00 look khabib fanboying over conor

    Biraj PokharelBiraj PokharelMånad sedan
  • Stopped to get his dole money on the way to his fight 😂

    JasonJasonMånad sedan
  • Adams a brilliant interviewer.

    Patrick ConnorsPatrick ConnorsMånad sedan
  • Great interview

    Alex •Alex •Månad sedan
  • Kavanagh seems like a genuine guy who can bring mcgregor down to earth

    Matt EvansMatt EvansMånad sedan
  • Kavanagh looks like he needs a drink of water.

    Luke LukeLuke LukeMånad sedan
  • Man, RIP Jose's head 😂

    Ρrσηατσr тεηδσηΡrσηατσr тεηδσηMånad sedan
  • Can we get another khabib pool game Adam 😂

    DaboDaboMånad sedan
  • He had the vision All Along.

    Saurabh KaleSaurabh KaleMånad sedan
  • Top Bloke

    CraigCraigMånad sedan
  • Go Poirier!

    OztralienOztralienMånad sedan
  • I wouldnt say unique. Good but not unique.

    RedeyeRedeyeMånad sedan
  • Coach says corner is not the level of Eddie Dustin tony ok ....then khabib at what level. ? If corner a level above khabib would be sky level isn't it

    Ym ForindiaYm ForindiaMånad sedan
  • Great interview !!!

    Nasir RizviNasir RizviMånad sedan
  • Mc tapper whats unique abut it 😅

    Realities ExposedRealities ExposedMånad sedan
  • What coach say is khabib deserve credit for recovering corner from super hero disaster

    Ym ForindiaYm ForindiaMånad sedan
  • Could listen to john chat for hrs on end. One of the most genuine dudes around,bumped into him in aldi not long before the aldo fight,buying some groceries,john and his partner were ahead of me in the queue,said i was sorry to disturb in while with his partner,quickly shot that down and proceeded to have a conversation about things. Very few nowadays are interested in fans,john is the complete opposite

    dinoroddinorodMånad sedan
  • I will see this guy crying on 23rd Jan. My only worry is Dustin piorier granted an undeserving fight to corner that was a mistake. For corner this is an opportunity for Dustin it do or die. There was no need to call corner I think corner must have fought Olivera first and deserve fight with Dustin. Corner always get a title shot short cut route that is blessed by guys like piorier.

    Ym ForindiaYm ForindiaMånad sedan
  • This interview should be on the UFC site

    J FJ FMånad sedan
  • 32:36 Coach K talking on the Khabib debacle

    J FJ FMånad sedan
  • Those who haven’t made mistakes, haven’t enjoyed enough aspects of of life.

    Charlton M.Charlton M.Månad sedan
  • Best Kavanagh interview iv ever seen

    GRIGA01GRIGA01Månad sedan
  • I honestly believe that Conor Mcgregor would not have reached half of his greatness if it wasn’t for John Kavanagh being his head coach.

    Nathan DustNathan DustMånad sedan
  • Besides his SUPER TALENT Conor has just has something about his persona his character that makes his special, all all fronts.

    Alexi TselentisAlexi TselentisMånad sedan
  • Great interview

    BoboBoboMånad sedan
  • why did Adam Catterall pronounce "simultaneous" wrong at 17:30?

    David FourieDavid FourieMånad sedan
  • His career is like a movie

    Billy ThekidBilly ThekidMånad sedan
  • That was F’ing amazing. I cannot wait for UFC 257 and the rest of 2021 for @thenotoriousmma

    Michael McGregorMichael McGregorMånad sedan
  • Good interview from both sides.

    Brendan GrehanBrendan GrehanMånad sedan

    garenagarenaMånad sedan
  • 'part tree'

    StealthorStealthorMånad sedan
  • I think conor wins late rd 3 Or late rd 2 dustin tends to get wild in the later part of each round which will lead to exposed areas that conor will go for

    ak kartalak kartalMånad sedan
  • Yh the f*** wud diaz get a title shot?

    obizzerobizzerMånad sedan
  • Kavanagh is a humble dude and gave a fantastic interview. Shame mcgregor can’t do the same and just loves talking about Khabib all the time - a bit pathetic how obsessed he is

    G SinghG SinghMånad sedan
  • 5:59 I can see some fanboy taking pictures, oh wait is that khabib?

    Ishan SapkotaIshan SapkotaMånad sedan
    • Then whooped him. First time ive seen a fanboy whoop his hero🤣

      Abdirahman IdrisAbdirahman IdrisMånad sedan
    • He bought t shirts of conor to support the cause nothing but respect

      WaliWaliMånad sedan
  • I’m getting so much hate for saying conor is gonna win LMAO

    Atomic MMAAtomic MMAMånad sedan
    • Haters gonna hate!!!! He’s gonna wipe the floor with everyone

      D LarkD LarkMånad sedan